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London Greenground Map

Inspired by the iconic London Tube map, a graphic designer has produced a similar map joining London’s parks and nature spots. Greenground Map “aims to change (the) perception of how we see cities, when walking and cycling longer distances become regular ways to get around.”

It’s a great idea that is likely to be adopted by other towns and cities attempting to get people out of their cars and connecting better with nature. Why not ask your students to make a similar green spaces map for where they live?

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Get ready for MockCOP

Countdown to MockCOP

This international, youth-led climate conference, mobilising in the absence of the postponed COP 26 UN climate talks, aims to bring the passion and energy of young people to address the world’s climate and ecological crisis.

It begs the question as to why young people can organise a virtual conference like this while their elders have to fly around the world and stay in expensive hotels. Takes place 19 November to 1st December.

Why not show the MockCOP programme to your students to see what interests them?

Then follow along for motivating, challenging, real world content to discuss with your students.

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Use the power of social media

If this article is to be believed, the body that regulates advertising in France has a record of protecting corporate interests over the interests of the environment. For example they banned this video promoting electric bikes because images of traffic might create ‘a climate of anxiety’! What’s the answer? Use the power of social media to counter their bias by sharing this video as widely as possible.

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Carbon Zero Air Travel?

Moving in the right direction, but is it just talk?
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Sustainable Travel

Some big names have signed up to the Travalyst initiative, aiming to ‘transform the future of travel for everyone’. See for example the efforts being made by Skyscanner. Good news!