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We organise free online events and discussions on a huge range of topics – from ecolinguistics to measuring a school’s environmental impact.

Come along to explore new topics, share experiences and connect with like-minded colleagues to help build an environmental movement in the language teaching sector.

What’s green got to do with language teaching?

We are educators and business leaders with strong connections across local and international communities.

We can not only save lives by reducing our emissions but raise awareness and inspire partners and thousands of students.

Isn’t going green pretty expensive?

Making greener choices can feel not only like extra work but also extra expense. We can’t all afford to install solar panels!

Thankfully there are a lot of cheap, cost saving and free environmental actions we can take.

Imagining a better future for ELT and beyond

Faced with rapid environmental change, what does the future look like for our classrooms, businesses and sector?

Can we find better ways of working and living to help address the challenges?

Take action

To help you take action as an individual and at your language school, we are compiling useful tips and information on cutting emissions and pollution.

By working through each section you can reduce your negative impact on the environment and start having a positive influence on ELT colleagues, students and your local community. Take action for green ELT now!

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Together we can put environmental responsibility on the agenda and help change UK ELT for the better – connect with us and share your #GreenELT ideas, projects, hopes and challenges! Find us on social media or subscribe for email updates.

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