We are here to help UK ELT take action to address the environmental and climate crises. A key part of this is connecting ELT colleagues through events and discussions where we can learn from experts and each other, share experiences and help build a green ELT movement.

Together we began to paint a picture of what better, greener UK ELT would look like. Now it’s time to start filling in the details and working out how we get there.

Our events are open to everyone. If you have a suggestion or would like to share your experience or ideas, please contact us

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Upcoming events

Green ELT for lower language levels
Friday 30 September, 14:00 (UK)

Understanding green issues is a must for everyone, but including lower language levels can be quite challenging – from a lack of vocabulary to a lack of suitable resources.

To kick off our autumn events, we have a session on green ELT that will help you overcome these challenges.

In an interactive, online session we will explore ways to raise climate awareness and encourage greener life choices with beginner and elementary learners. There will be ready to use resources and a chance to create and discuss mock lessons. 

For this event we are pleased to welcome speaker Carol Samlal, an ESOL and essential digital skills tutor at ACL Essex, branch chair for Natecla East of England, inclusivity and sustainability specialist, and outdoor enthusiast.

Past events

Environmental induction for summer staff
Friday 24 June 2022

This free, online training session offers simple, practical advice on how to green your school.

It aims to help and motivate all summer school staff – teachers, activity leaders, pastoral and administrative staff – whether currently interested in environmental issues or not.

Taking your English language lessons outdoors
Friday 25 March 2022

A strong connection with nature supports deep learning, is beneficial for our mental health and supports and encourages environmental action.

Green ELT teaching activities
Friday 25 February 2022

Raising awareness and empowering students to take action is one of the most impactful things we can do as educators. Harry Waters (Renewable English) share lots of tips for engaging classroom activities.

Measuring and auditing your environmental impact
Friday 10 December 2021

To take positive action you need to keep track of energy consumption, waste and travel miles and all your other impacts on the environment.

Creating an environmental policy for your school
Friday 19 November 2021

A good policy not only provides structure and guidance, helping you make real changes, but is one way to demonstrate your commitment to staff and students.

Offsetting and mitigation
Friday 29 October 2021

Reducing emissions is the most important part of taking climate action and in July you came up with lots of great ways to reduce and green our UK ELT transport.

But what about the emissions you can’t cut?

Attracting green students
Friday 1 October 2021

How can we improve and promote our environmental credentials to appeal with increasingly environmentally aware students? We discussed marketing, sustainability and greenwashing.

Marketing and sustainability
Friday 24 September 2021

With the green market growing and many language schools emphasising their green credentials, we discussed attracting environmentally aware students at English UK’s ELT Marketing Conference.

Green ELT opportunities and obstacles event - transport and travel
Transport and travel
Wednesday 14 July 2021

Thanks again to everyone who joined us to explore a very tricky topic. Together we considered short term measures, such as flying better and offsetting, as well as more long term changes like increasing online teaching, long stay experiences and encouraging train travel.

Green ELT opportunities and obstacles event - motivation and action
Motivation and Action
Wednesday 16 June 2021

How do we translate our knowledge of the crisis, our fears, hope and ideas into action? We discussed how to motivate ourselves and others. How can we overcome denial and feelings of powerless? And how can we encourage change in our colleagues and organisations.

Green ELT opportunities and obstacles event - savings and costs
Savings and costs
Wednesday 19 May 2021

In our first ‘Green ELT opportunities and (overcoming!) obstacles’ session, we discussed the challenge of putting environmental responsibility in the budget, cheap, free and cost-saving activities. Thank you to everyone for sharing their excellent thoughts and ideas.

A green paper textured banner that reads: The green ELT landscape
The landscape of green UK English language teaching
Thursday 22 April 2021

On World Earth Day Chris Etchells, founder of Green Action ELT, gave an overview of Green ELT – from what the climate and ecological disasters mean for ELT to practical ways to green your organisation and emerging opportunities for our profession.

Chris covered actions for both organisations and individuals and shared his personal reflections on reconciling business interests with the need to ensure a safe future.

A green paper textured banner that reads: sustainability in the classroom
Practical ways of including sustainability in your language classroom
Thursday 22 April 2021

Green Action ELT invited three teachers, working in very different contexts but all passionate about environmental education, to present their ideas and answer your questions on sustainability in English language teaching.

Milica Vukadin, Ben Crompton and ELTsustainable founder Owain Llewellyn offered practical ideas to help you put environmental sustainability at the heart of your ELT.

A green paper textured banner that reads: Build back greener UK ELT
Build back better, greener UK ELT: a community discussion
Wednesday 24 February

As we look forward to the end of the Covid-19 crisis, what future do we see for our profession?

Instead of returning to ‘normal’, could we seize this moment to build better ways of working? What changes should we keep to improve our profession?

These were the questions we asked and together we began to create a collective vision for the future of English language teaching.

Creating an online, paper-free syllabus
Thursday 21 January 2021

Alicja Szyszkowiak conducted an online training session on Zoom about how to create a paperless online syllabus. With reference specifically to junior summer courses this session will also be of interest to any ELT organisations interested in online syllabuses.

How to reduce Your digital carbon Footprint
Thursday 10 December 2020

Technology expert and co-founder of Green Tech South West, Hannah Smith shared advice on reducing our digital carbon footprints at work and at home. Her mission: to raise awareness about the environmental impact of digital tech.

UK ELT & the climate crisis: a TEDx event
Wednesday 14 October 2020

As part of the global TED Countdown initiative, we presented short talks from leading thinkers on climate change and, with the help of our own local speakers, discussed ways for UK ELT to help in tackling the climate and ecological crisis.

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