Energy and water

Reducing energy and water use is easy to measure, reduces your negative impact on the environment and saves money. It’s a great place to start your ELT climate action.

Reviewing and refining your energy use and devices for maximum conservation and efficiency can be an especially good place to start if your organisation is not very green minded – the business case is easy.

Another quick and easy first step to greening your ELT centre is switching to a green energy supplier. Look for a company that provides 100% renewable energy and invests in renewable energy sources.


✓ Switch to green energy suppliers
✓ Use energy saving options and switch everything off when unused
✓ Insulate buildings and reduce heating/ cooling
Reduce your digital energy use
✓ Audit your school with a free Green Standard Schools self-assessment
✓ Choose power efficient screens and equipment
✓ Share energy saving tips, targets and consumption meters

More coming soon…

We are researching how to reduce energy and water consumption and will add more information to this page soon! We welcome your experiences, plans, questions and ideas any time.

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