Volunteer with us

If you want to see environmental action in the language teaching section, become a Green Action ELT volunteer and help us raise awareness, run events and connect like-minded people.

Green Action ELT exists thanks to the hard work of a few dedicated volunteers. We are proud to have kept up our events, lively social media channels and regular emails since 2020, but we know there’s a lot more to do to encourage and support environmental action in language teaching and international education.

Whether you have a lot or just a little time to spare, you can help us raise awareness and encourage change.

If you can give an hour or more a week, consider joining our team as a volunteer to help us do even more to raise awareness and encourage change in the sector. We have more ideas than we have resources for!

If you don’t have much time but still want to help, we need ambassadors – people who speak up about environmental issues and share our events, activities and resources so they reach as many people as possible.

Interested? Send us an email or pass this information on to someone you think might like to join us as a volunteer or ambassador.

Become a volunteer

Why volunteer?

Volunteering with us is a great way to move beyond personal environmental action to working towards more extensive change in the language teaching community.

Everything we do to reduce our emissions and negative environmental impact will help save lives, protect homes and habitats, secure livelihoods and protect communities.

Plus, taking action feels good! Working for change together is a great way to reduce feelings of helplessness and despair. It’s uplifting to connect with like-minded people who care and want to make a change.

It’s also a great way to share a skill you have or work on one you want to develop. There’s also a lot to learn about environmental issues and solutions.

What’s required?

Being a volunteer with Green Action ELT is flexible. We know everyone is busy and sometimes you’ll be able to give more time than others.

We ask our volunteers to:

  • attend one monthly meeting and our monthly events
  • engage with discussion and share ideas in our Slack group
  • promote and support our aims and activities
  • care about and stay up-to-date with green issues
  • be working in/ with the language teaching sector
  • take on tasks and projects as needed/ where possible

The skills we need

We are especially looking for volunteers who can help us in the areas below. If could take on one or more of these activities for us, it would be a great help

  • Web editor – help keep the website fresh and functioning
  • Video editor – get our webinar recordings ready to share
  • E-marketer – keep our subscribers up-to-date with emails and event invitations

If you’re interested, send us an email and introduce yourself. Or pass this information on to someone you think might have the right experience.

Become an ambassador

Share our events and resources

Raising awareness is an essential part of creating change and we need your voice to do it.

If you are too busy to become a volunteer but want to do more to support environmental responsibility in language teaching, you can still make a huge difference by helping us reach more people!

Sharing our events with friends and colleagues is an invaluable way to support us, from forwarding our emails to mentioning us in your staff meeting to sharing our social media posts.

And, because of they way social media works, your likes, comments and shares make a huge difference to the number of people we reach – so please show your support with a click!

Share your environmental action and ideas

We need to normalise thinking about environmental impact of our businesses across the language teaching sector. So if you are already doing this, or if you are ready to start, please share your thoughts and actions publicly to help change our industry’s culture.

Post your environmental ideas, activities, challenges on social media using #GreenELT or #GreenLanguageTeaching. You can tag us @GreenActionELT to make sure we see it and can share it too.

Sharing your ideas and experiences will help inspire others and can also raise your personal or institutional profile.