About us

Green Action ELT (ELT Footprint UK until 2022) exists to help UK English language teaching centres take action to address the climate and ecological crises. We work to raise awareness; inspire and facilitate change; and connect people to create a green movement in UK ELT.

To do this, we run events and discussions to connect UK ELT colleagues with experts and each other to share information, experiences and ideas. We look for and celebrate examples of climate action in our sector (so tell us what you are up to!). And our team writes articles and how-to guides to make it easier for UK ELT centres to reduce and improve their environmental impact. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates and to share your ideas and actions.

Our vision

Our mission is to create a better, greener UK ELT industry with sustainability at its heart.

Being green in UK ELT means changing how we work, teach, travel and consume to have a positive rather than a negative impact on our environment, both locally and globally. It means English language teaching centres engaging staff and students in environmental projects; building sustainability into our curricula and daily working lives; changing the companies and products we use; reshaping our habits and behaviours; and speaking up to inspire others and to demand more of our leaders, from bosses to local authorities to national government.

Some changes will be quick and easy, others may be more challenging. But inaction is not an option and we have a world to gain. Real and urgent change is essential if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate and ecological breakdown.

Our aims

We will help create greener UK English language teaching industry  by:

    • creating a collective vision of a better, greener future
    • raising awareness of the climate and ecological crises
    • facilitating and supporting action through resources, guides and information
    • celebrating environmental projects and examples from our sector
    • connecting people to create an inclusive and collective green movement

Who is Green Action ELT?

Green Action ELT is a group of volunteers from the UK ELT industry. We run and work in or with UK English language teaching centres and are committed to helping the industry we love become a force for positive climate action.

Our group arose out of UK ELT & The Environment, a working party set up in spring 2019 to discuss our sector’s impact on the environment, comprised of ordinary members of English UK. English UK is a membership association that supports and represents English language teaching centres in the UK.

This website is an updated, expanded and growing version of our UK ELT & The Environment report (July 2019). It provides a discussion of the issues as well as practical suggestions for reducing your ELT centre’s carbon footprint. We hope you find it useful!

Our team

A special thank you to our Green Action ELT team of volunteers who make the work we do possible. All our volunteers work in or with English language teaching centres.

Contact and support us

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

All our work is the product of dedicated volunteers but we do have costs. If you can, please support our work and help keep the ideas flowing and events running. Contributions of all sizes are welcome – contact us to support our work greening UK ELT.

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