About us

Green Action ELT is here to turn UK ELT green. We want to reduce the negative environmental impact of our language teaching sector and increase its positive impact on the world.

Our small group of volunteers got together to help UK English language teaching centres take action to address the climate and ecological crises from the classroom to the board room. We work to raise awareness; inspire and facilitate change; and connect people to create a green movement in UK ELT and beyond.

To do this, we run events and discussions where UK ELT colleagues share information, experiences and ideas. Our team researches and develops tools and how-to guides to make it easier for UK ELT centres to improve their environmental impact. We also want to write up case studies to share ideas, inspire others and celebrate examples of climate action in our sector – so tell us what you are up to!

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Our vision

We want to see a greener, safer, fairer UK ELT industry – and world – with sustainability at its heart.

Being green in UK ELT means changing how we work, teach, travel and consume to have a positive rather than a negative impact on our environment, both locally and globally.

It means engaging staff and students in environmental projects; building sustainability into our curricula and daily working lives; changing the companies and products we use; changing habits; speaking up to inspire others; and demanding more of our leaders, from bosses to associations to government.

Some changes will be quick and easy, others more challenging. But inaction is not an option. Real and urgent change is essential if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate and ecological breakdown.

Our aims

To reduce the negative environmental impact of the UK ELT sector and increase its positive impact:

We want to help language schools…

  1. Commit to environmental action and responsibility
  2. Significantly reduce their emissions
  3. Support and join environmental projects
  4. Embed environmental topics into teaching
  5. Feel positive, informed and empowered

We do this by…

  1. Raising awareness and interest in environmental responsibility
  2. Facilitating action through informative guides and events
  3. Celebrating environmental action to inspire others
  4. Bringing people together to create inclusive and collective green ELT movement