The problem

Climate change is making our world uninhabitable. But the sooner we act, the less we lose

Global warming is making our climate change. Rising temperatures are causing more extreme and destructive typhoons, hurricanes, floods, heatwaves, droughts and wildfires. These extreme conditions are destroying homes and agriculture, spreading disease and preventing people from accessing clean water.

We must act now to limit the damage.

The next few years are critical if we are going to stop the worst effects of global warming. Everyone’s actions can make a difference and save more of our future – save more land from sea or desert, more homes from floods and fires, more lives from hunger and disaster.

But is it really for UK ELT, a sector of small and medium businesses, to take on this huge, global problem? If you are not convinced, please read: Why should you care?

Temperatures are rising

For more about how global warming leads to climate change see the Climate Reality Project’s climate crisis 101 and NRDC’s global warming 101.

Creating an inhospitable planet

And the changes we make will take time to take effect so we must act decisively now. (If we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today, it would take several decades, if not centuries, for the earth to respond.)

Further resources

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