Young people worried

More evidence – from 10 different countries – if it was needed – that young people are worried about climate change.


Sector action

Language Teaching for the Planet

Do you incorporate climate change into your lessons? Do your course books have enough environmental content? Do you ever experience resistance from students?
Please take a few minutes to complete this British Council survey for English Teachers.
It aims to find out how English teachers are integrating climate change issues into their teaching, raise awareness of good practice and help support the development of new initiatives to help tackle the climate crisis.
Take the survey (takes 5 – 10 minutes to complete).

Take a cold shower

Image byenriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

According to the authors of a recent report, humanity needs to “take a cold shower” about the true scale of the climate and ecological crisis facing us.

Experts need to “tell it like it is.”

‘Anything else is misleading at best, or negligent and potentially lethal for the human enterprise at worst.’ Then we might make the systemic changes that the urgency of the situation demands.

There are signs of progress. And if you are reading this you are probably already doing what you can personally. But do read the report so that you are under no illusions.

Then ask yourself what you can do to help persuade businesses and politicians make those necessary changes.


A chance to rebuild

A recent survey by Ipsos of 14 countries suggests that, on average, 65% of people want climate change to be prioritised in the economic recovery.

Let’s take this chance to avoid going back to business as usual.

Read this excellent recent article in The Guardian by George Monbiot.