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Oxford University to divest from fossil fuels

Oxford University
Photo by Sidharth Bhatia on Unsplash

Excellent to see that Oxford University has at last committed to removing its investment money from fossil fuels. It’s no wonder: when young people are choosing which university to attend, this is one of the first things they need to ask. It’s their future after all.

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Liverpool School of English Green Group

A guest blog by Ricky Anderson

The Green Group at Liverpool School of English started in January 2020 as an attempt by a handful of teaching staff to convert our environmental frustration into meaningful action. The intention has been, from the beginning, to collectively take action and do our bit within our context – So teachers and English language learners working together to make our school, local area and shared lifestyles more sustainable.

We began by arranging a series of lunchtime meetings to which all staff and students were invited. We regularly had 10-15 attendees -split into action groups, each identifying environmental issues and doing the ground work to achieve a related action point. We also have a Green Group Whatsapp group used to share ideas, research and so on. The action points that have taken place have included:

  • The setting up of a Library of Things at our school -adaptors, umbrellas, hairdryers, textbooks, cutlery and crockery saved from landfill and used.
  • homeless donations box –bedding, clothes, unused toiletries saved from landfill and used.
  • TrashTalk – our weekly local litter pick and conversation class.
  • The addition of litter pick and tree planting activities to our social programme.
  • Increased energy waste awareness Switch it off stickers.
  • Student-led improvements in our recycling provision- including joining Terracycle and collecting all used pens for recycling.
  • Student-written emails sent to residences and host families re. recycling provision.
  • Student-written emails to local politicians.
  • Green Talks: 30-minute talks from local green entrepreneurs, Green Party councillors, ecologists etc
  • Reuse of one-sided misprints across the school.

We have failed thus far /  continuing to try and implement some of the following:

  • Composting
  • Water butt -rainwater collection ad use
  • Bug hotels, bird boxes, bird baths
  • Sustainability based workshops
  • A carbon offsetting button on school booking forms
  • A bike share scheme
  • Increased nature walking and woodland based social activities
  • An environment/ climate crisis themed week of lessons and activities
  • A teacher car share system

Those involved in setting this up have without exception felt an immense pride in seeing what a small group of people working together for 30 minutes a week can achieve. We’re hoping that our Green Group could provide a model for other similar sized  language schools to take action collectively against the climate crisis.

For further information please contact, Ricky Anderson, Academic Coordinator at Liverpool Schools of English.