In the race to zero carbon we sometimes forget that species extinction is at least as big a threat to humanity as climate change.

This article from the UK’s Guardian Newspaper argues that restoring degraded natural lands is highly effective for carbon storage and avoiding species extinction, so providing a double benefit.

Keep this in mind when you are choosing your organisation’s carbon compensation project.

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Food Recycling Information


Congratulations to the Brew Tea Company for their informative recycling information. But how utterly shameful that there is still no legal requirement for all food packaging to carry clear and easily understood recycling information. How are we supposed to make informed, responsible purchase decisions without this?

My advice: if there is no recycling information on the packaging, don’t buy it – see below.


We are the meatballs

‘We’re in the queue to vote for the meatballs.’

Why does this photo make me want to laugh and cry at the same time?

On the one hand, I’m amused that people would want to queue (socially distanced) for hours in a car park – as the caption says – for meatballs. Or at least for something flat packed that can probably wait.

On the other hand, I’m depressed that the lure of consumerism is so deeply ingrained in people that they feel the need to do this. Then there are the journeys these people have presumably made to get here, every one of them I would guess ‘non essential’ and contributing to the pollution load on our planet.

I loved the silence of lockdown, the clean air, the bird song, the empty roads briefly colonised by wildlife (and cyclists). But photos of shoppers queuing outside furniture stores and fast food outlets somehow suggest we have learnt nothing.

Especially this photo, from the air: the people look like ants, every individual choice adding up to a collective failure to understand that they are part of the problem. The store looks like nothing so much as a factory or a machine. People being fed into it.

We are the meatballs.


Coronavirus and The Climate Crisis

Crisis can be an opportunity. Some of the measures we are using to tackle Coronavirus could help to maintain the planetary conditions that humanity needs to survive. Excellent article here.


Welcome to 2020!

Make this the year in which you take action to make your ELT operation environmentally responsible!

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