Carbon Capture Martinis

carbon negative vodka

A nice cold martini is undoubtedly better for the planet than global warming. Unfortunately it would require 11 quadrillion Air Vodka Martinis to make any kind of significant impact. Still, it’s a start.

See here for this and other more serious environmental reasons to look forward to 2021.

Consumption, waste and recycling Food Opinion

Food Recycling Information


Congratulations to the Brew Tea Company for their informative recycling information. But how utterly shameful that there is still no legal requirement for all food packaging to carry clear and easily understood recycling information. How are we supposed to make informed, responsible purchase decisions without this?

My advice: if there is no recycling information on the packaging, don’t buy it – see below.


Food Waste

A recent article in The Guardian newspaper strikes a critical tone over the Chinese government’s attempt to control food waste.

But according to Project Drawdown, reduction of food waste is the number one solution to reducing heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, closely followed by health and education, then plant-rich diets.

Rather than criticise, perhaps we should be doing more to encourage less food waste – production, transport and consumption – ourselves.