Community action

Less Machine, More Garden

The urban garden at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales | Flickr

A terrific article from the ever interesting Open Democracy website on resisting ‘machine mind’ in creating a better future.

Community action

Climbing out of Covid-19

Many of the responses to Covid-19 are also good for the planet: see here. Let’s take advantage of this crisis to *not* return to business as usual. Here are some ideas:

      • Instal protected cycleways across Britain,
      • Create safe Mini-Holland neighbourhoods
      • Mass installation of solar-panels
      • Insulate all UK homes
      • Plant vast new biodiversity rich forests
      • Restore our precious peat-bogs
      • Build fleets of electric buses and emergency vehicles
      • Electrify our railways
      • Convert heavy industry to renewable hydrogen
      • Build great new offshore windfarms
      • Fund the switch to soil protecting organic agriculture
      • Re-create community orchards and allotments


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