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As we look forward to the end of the Covid-19 crisis, what does the future look like for our classrooms, businesses and communities? Instead of ‘returning to normal’, let’s seize this moment to choose better ways of working and living, coming together to face an even bigger challenge still – the climate and ecological crisis. Let’s create a better, greener future for UK ELT and beyond.

Our goals

Green Action ELT – formerly ELT Footprint UK – is here to help create a better, greener UK ELT industry with sustainability at its heart. We want to put the environment on the agenda, discuss the difficult questions, build an inclusive movement and make change as easy as possible.

Connect with us

Together we can put environmental responsibility on the agenda and help change UK ELT for the better – connect with us and share your #GreenELT ideas, projects, hopes and challenges! Find us on social media or subscribe for email updates.

Music for COP26

Here is some environmentally themed music for COP26 – from the excellent Outrage and Optimism series of podcasts. Enjoy!
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COP 26

Today is the start of COP26, the annual UN Climate Change Conference running for the next fortnight in Glasgow, Scotland. This is a significant moment in history and…

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Young people worried

More evidence – from 10 different countries – if it was needed – that young people are worried about climate change. See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-58549373

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“It is unequivocal”

The latest IPCC report confirms what we already know. The climate crisis is caused by human activities and is affecting every corner of the planet’s land,…

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